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  • Sweet Ginger Chips

Sweet Ginger Chips are crunchy, wholesome and delicious. Invented by a pharmacist with a background in both Eastern and Western medicine, they were crafted in the centuries-old Korean tradition of healing foods to be tasty, healthy and restorative.

A perfect accompaniment to your favorite beverage, or on their own as an afternoon snack, bring them along as an energy booster, share them with friends, or enjoy a handful for dessert! They are the perfect combination of satisfying crunch with a chewy and delightfully tangy finish.

My friends who have enjoyed Sweet Ginger Chips say...

"So tasty...  Tangy and delicious!"

"They make my mouth feel fresh.  Love the spicy ginger taste!"

"I love them!  We bring them along on the boat.  They're the kids' favorite, and I swear they keep me from getting seasick!"

"Yum, delicious, my favorite snack now, and good for you too!"

"My friend who's pregnant says they really helped with morning sickness.  I like them after a big meal to ease the digestion."

"Ginger is one of the healthiest foods out there.  This is guilt-free snacking!  Please send more!!"

"Love the taste and texture, I can't believe these are actually good for me!"

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