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About AeRhee

AeRhee Lee

Kitchen Medicine founder AeRhee Lee has made the ancient Korean tradition of healing foods her life’s work. From a young age, she learned from her grandmothers how to combine fresh, natural ingredients in creating foods to nourish the body and restore the spirit. Her knowledge of healing foods has been guided by lifelong study of the 동의보감 (Dongui Bogam), a centuries-old 25-volume Korean manuscript of Eastern Medicine.

The author of three books Healing Foods From Asia, Healing Tea From Asia, Healthful Drinks From Asia and with more than 20 years of experience in U.S. academic medical centers, AeRhee combines her knowledge as a pharmacist with her background in Eastern healing to bring forth nourishing and restorative foods which not only support the healing process, but also maintain balance and wellness.