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  • Ginger Rush (Gold Rush) - Single

Ginger Rush is a rousing and rejuvenating mix of 100% natural ginger, lemon and honey. It fills your mouth with a wonderfully fresh and vitalizing flavor while providing the antioxidants you need to help strengthen and mend.

Based on a centuries-old Korean tradition of healing foods, Ginger Rush is a carefully crafted, tangy and restorative extract. It was invented by a pharmacist with a background in both Eastern and Western medicine to provide just what you need after exercising, or as a quick shot of healing refreshment any time of day. It also can be mixed with teas or spirits to spice up your morning or evening beverage!

Some comments from friends who have enjoyed Ginger Rush...

“It’s so quenching after exercise, with a fresh, divine taste that makes me feel strong and restored!”

“It’s delightful, I drink one every evening. The rich taste feels rejuvenating...”

“I love the tangy taste, definitely lets me know it’s there! I also like drinking something this healthy.”

“It’s the best, fresh and invigorating!”

“I’ve never tasted anything like it, and to know it’s full of healing substances that are completely natural, it just feels great to drink one.”

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